Why Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.


Students get lots of individual attention and are part of the family, with a maximum of 8 students per class


Our staff are dedicated and qualified teachers who assist students both in and out of the classroom


With an excellent exchange rate your standard of living will be very high and your classes the most economical in the world


Situated in the heart of the Cape Town CBD

OHC College which based on Cape Town, CBD, we strive to develop partnerships and good stakeholder relations to increase the number of students who are adequately prepared to enter the labor market or take up further and higher learning opportunities.

The OHC College strives to provide quality technical and vocational education and training services and to ensure the academic achievement and success of students. With adequate infrastructure and systems in place we provide effective services to students through a variety of delivery modes.

delivery modes.


OHC Language Center is a diverse, progressive educational environment enriching the lives of students, employees and the community


OHC Language Center is dedicated to students’ success. The college is committed to:

Providing educational programs that maintain the highest standards of student performance. Providing an educational environment that emphasizes critical thinking and decision making, reflection and creativity. Providing innovation and enriching educational experiences for its varied constituencies. Responding to community needs through a variety of means, including collaboration with organizations and businesses.
Providing a culturally competent and sensitive environment that reflects and celebrates diversity; and providing a culture that supports employee success and encourages professional growth


The purpose and objectives of OHC Language Center career institute are to:

Establish a resource base for the delivery of career education through guided independent study. Use that base to implement a diverse range of educational programs aimed at career advancement, self-improvement and the fulfillment of cultural, creative, and recreational goals of the clients who become our students.


The strategic plan process was designed to galvanize the college community around a compelling vision and future possibilities for continued intellectual vibrancy, financial strength, and innovation.
The leadership-driven project engages the college community, to define and commit to a comprehensive 4-year plan that specifies, goals, initiatives, outcomes measures, resources and an implementation framework that will move the college successfully towards achieving its aspiration